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To innovate newer and faster technology and to contribute to the Indian Environmental Safety, Virogreen...


Virogreen India Pvt Ltd provides basically E-Waste recycle, E-Waste disposal, green recycling, scrap metal recycling,...


The success of an e-waste business depends on availability of adequate quantities of e-waste to...


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Established in 2002 in Tamil Nadu, Virogreen, being recognized as a renowned e-waste recycling company in Gurgaon offers most advanced methods of recycling services along with expert advice for recycling of all type of e-waste, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, contemporary equipment in its safest, modernized and advanced e-Waste recycling center.  We are helping individuals, enterprises, manufacturers and business, government and others by means of collection, transportation, shredding, sorting and separation of e-waste to recover valuable materials for reuse, following the guidelines designed by CPCB, under the supervision of a well-trained team of experts.

Electronic waste disposal Gurgaon is available in wide range of needs with wider network. Considering the severity of these e-waste substances, there is use of advanced technology and scientific way of disposal, making these e-waste substances re-saleable and re-usable and makes WEEE recycling industry economically viable. Computer waste disposal Gurgaon uses specialized techniques and procedures to manage toxic materials present in the various components of computer, so that they won’t create problem for natural environment.


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Virogreen India Pvt Ltd provides basically E Waste recycle, E-Waste disposal, green recycling, scrap metal recycling, and non-metal recycling services.

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